Water Service is a Basic Human Right.



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Welcome message from the Managing Director

“Welcome to the Mwanza Urban Water and Sewerage Autority website. Quality water is a matter of life and death. Everybody has the right to good and safe water. MWAUWASA provides just that to the people in Mwanza City: reliable and safe water. We focus our work on our customers. We want to contribute to the development of Mwanza City. By providing clean water we hope to reduce the risk of waterborne diseases and reduce the poverty of our customers.”


Mwanza Urban Water and Sewerage Authority (MWAUWASA) is an autonomous -government owned- operating authority. MWAUWASA stands for the provision of reliable and safe drinking water to the people in Mwanza City. We also dispose the waste water in Mwanza in an environmental friendly manner. MWAUWASA consistently seeks for a balance between cost reduction, improvement of the quality of the water and they contribute to social communities in Mwanza and surroundings.

Our Quality

Our Quality Policy is customer focused; built on thorough understanding of customer’s requirements and expectations, fulfilling those requirements and expectations to their satisfaction, and ensure compliance to nationally and internationally recognized standards, legislations and regulations; encored on the creation and maintenance of organizational culture that focuses on continuous improvement of quality of our processes, systems, and products.